21 Sep 2013

the MA diaries

part one

OK so I haven't actually started yet, technically, in that enrolment and induction is next week. That's when the nitty gritty starts. However what I have done is moved up to Sheffield, to the first place I've ever lived in totally alone (no housemates? no parents? then WHO WILL FORCE ME TO DO CHORES?) and got myself an actual paid part time job. I don't know how this all happened either, someone has obviously made a terrible mistake

But I was thinking today, as I went about my adult life doing adult things like an adult, about this time three years ago. I was a baby faced little wisp of a thing, who had never left home before, I'd been dropped off in a scary city down South that I didn't know, to find that my allocated flat was as yet completely empty. I was too timid to even go and explore so for the first week I ate only what I could buy from the corner shop I could literally see from my halls window. I was miserable, but worst of all I was doing nothing about it because I was too terrified/shy/paralysed with fear...young, basically. (Thankfully I ended up loving uni, having a whale of a time in Liquid/Popworld, with hilarious friends, and that's probably where I did all this mystical growing up!).

Nowadays, moving to a whole new city again excites me rather than scares me! Sure adults still get nervous about things. I feel old - but in a good way. Capable. Like I will deal with whatever needs dealing with. Come at me, life, I'm ready for you.


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