19 Dec 2013

Things That Make Me Happy #1

Wearing old clothes in new ways.
Before today my primary use of this old flannel shirt is to be thrown loose over plain jeans on lazy days or for extra warmth on a PJ day. But buttoned up right to the top I suddenly feel edgy smart, with this fancy necklace usually reserved for nights out rather than days at uni. Part Grace Helbig, part Bob the Builder. I know it doesn't really "go" but thats kind of why it's fun and why I likes it!

German Christmas Markets.

I love how popular German markets are in England around the festive season these days. The one in Sheffield is...um...disapointing? (Though still an improvement on Pompey where there wasn't one at all). So last weekend I hopped on a train to Birmingham to the king of all Christmas days out, the Frankfurt Market. We all met up at the station (cue slo mo running towards each other) then after taking our lives in our hands to eat in a football pub we drank mulled wine and looked at the lights and got drizzled on and everything smelled delicious and spicy and christmassy. Yum!


Do I need to explain? Beyonce's new album dropped and my life is complete. She is a queen, and if Grown Woman doesn't make you feel amazing then I CAN'T HELP YOU.

In other news...Six days to go til Christmas! I'm like a small child this year, enthusiasm levels through the roof, Bublé at all opportunities. Living away from home makes you SO DARN EXCITED to do the whole 'driving home for Christmas' ritual thing. Happy festivities!