9 Sep 2013

Sing the old Alma Mater, & think of how things used to be


'notes on headscarf appreciation.'

 I love headscarves. Since I discovered vintage shops at about 16 years old, I was always drawn to the scarves. Beautiful printed squares of silky fabric, ready to granny-up any outfit you please.  I used to throw them round my neck whilst wearing plain little dresses, but I always admired girls who neatly tied them around their heads, in rockabilly fashion. Recently, it's been my go-to style (not to mention a staple at festivals, it covers up a multitude of bad hair day sins). Not too 'out there', subtle enough to wear with your skinnies. Rifling through big baskets of scarfs at vintage shops to hunt out the prettiest one is still a pleasure, but I'm not averse to a high street scarf for an on trend print too.

Left to Right: lipstick print scarf - H&M, black/brown/hot pink border scarf - Christmas Vintage Fair in Worcester some years back, black & white bandana - Amazon here, brown paisley scarf - Primark, cream/pastel pink/pastel blue paisley scarf - Cow Vintage Sheffield, navy blue/ditsy floral scarf - Cow Vintage Sheffield.

The next question is how to fold and tie it? I struggled with a few messy guesstimates myself before I discovered this tutorial by the original youtube beauty guru Kandee Johnson (probably the first blogger I ever discovered!). 

headscarf folding

 Below are some of my favourite scarf-tying laydeez, including the inspirational Paloma Faith, Audrey Hepburn, Rosie Riveter and Her Maj.



  1. Wish I could pull off head scarves. They look gorgeous on you.


  2. Hi Lizzie!

    I love these scarves! I am such a scarf hoarder but more neck ones. I love the hair bands that you can get that kind of imitate the look of a head scarf but aren't quite as large. You pull them off really well!

    I replied to your post over on my blog so be sure to go and check that out!

    You have a new follower!

    L x
    ♥lucylovehart - ♥life♥beauty♥thoughts

  3. I love headscarves, they look so cute and pretty! :) xx


  4. Ahh gotta love a good headscarf, excellent for bad hair days! To be honest I haven't worn one in a long time (except to hide my curlers, haha) but this makes me want to get them out again! - Charlotte x