9 Sep 2013

Review: AM


'Arctic Monkeys know how to keep their fans waiting but I just can't be angry at them'

 I've had this baby on pre-order since I can't remember when. Having already played us "Do I Wanna Know" and "R U Mine?" we had a taster of what to expect from the Monkey's fifth record; a more mature, echoey, soulful sound…but with the same razor lyrics delivered in a Sheffield accent as they've had since album #1. Personally I love the new sound - a bit nineties, a bit sixties, well to my ears anyway.

 They might have once innocently proclaimed "don't believe the hype!" but nowadays hype is what this band exist on…they know how to whip their waiting crowd into a frenzy, and then, thankfully, you can count on them to deliver. 

 I want to swoop around my house in lipstick and something fringy to "No1 Party Anthem" sipping a JD. I can already tell I'll be lifting my spirits when I'm feeling low by blasting "Snap Out Of It" (also a personal mantra fyi), and it will take embarrassingly little time before I'm word perfect at "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" (I've loved their previous work but it's not even like I'm a super fan or anything, so lord knows how they're feeling this morning!)

 But it's "I Wanna Be Yours" that is the ultimate little gem with the John Cooper Clarke lyrics (feeling a bit like a northern working mens club, but exclusively for poets and lyricists - it's ok though, youre definitely allowed to bob into for some rum and a dance and maybe Alex Turner will take you home) which fills my heart with arty crafty self referential happiness.

 I'll even forgive that dodgy trans-Atlantic drawl that Mr Turner showcased at Glasto this year. Welcome home, lads.


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