16 May 2013


I have been a Creative Writing student for so long (and an avid blog reader for even longer still) that the inevitable has happened and I have begun to blog. Seemed silly not to.  So I suppose I would just like to say hello!

Born and bred in Worcestershire, England (yep, like the sauce), three years ago I moved way way way down to the south coast to attend the University of Portsmouth... from which I will graduate in a months time (NO I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED EITHER). I cannot explain how much I will miss the squawking of the seaside seagulls once I return to the landlocked west midlands, not to mention my insane housemates and friends. 

After cramming this summer with as many adventures as possible/affordable, I will (hopefully!) be packing my suitcases once more and moving up to Sheffield to study for one more year at Hallam. And I shall be documenting all these scary-adult-life things right here pon de blog (I think I shall need it to keep me sane).

So come with me, we will listen to Florence & The Machine and drink the best drinks and  have the trashiest taste in everything else.

Lots of love, Lizzie