29 Oct 2013

in defence of my absence

Every blog I have ever started - and there have been a fair few attempts - has been abandoned at some point or other, either because I lost enthusiasm or I lost time. The latter has been trying to creep in here. But I refuse to give in! I will not let go of this one. I'm tying it to my wrist like a helium balloon to a child.

Believe it or not I've a whole page of a notebook scribbled over with ideas for blog posts. However the notebook is somewhere on my desk underneath a LOT OF OTHER THINGS, so I thought I'd blog anyway and just file this one under 'misc'.

This gorgeous eagle necklace was a find and a half from Collard Manson a couple weeks back. I went to the one at Meadowhall and then realised theres one in Sheffield too, wahheyy. A treasure trove of beauties, or as my mum would say 'clutter'. I care not, mother!

Talking of parents, I paid a visit to my parents house in ye olde hometown this past weekend. I've been living on my own in Sheff for exactly six weeks, and decided that was long enough to warrant a trip home! Theres something really lovely about travelling by train when its super dark outside even though it's only late afternoon. Home was filled with a hilarious trip to the local with a smattering of good friends, a roast dinner with my parents, plenty of frolicking with meine hund (pictured below) and a cheeeeeky hair dye session! (Sorry for the terrible iPhone photos, how lazy of me that I didn't even bother to photograph it properly) but LOOK NO ROOTS. Sweet. I have gone back to the dark side (gone full goth) in time for winter. Feel like myself again.

About seven weeks, a hell of a lot of deadlines and many shifts at work to go before the most wonderful time of the year. Bring it on.


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