6 Oct 2013

brb, doing my nails

Sometimes it's ok to be as girly as anything. This is one of those times. Current girly picks!
Top: Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipliner in 547, £3.99
In frustration at not being able to find a brick red (rather than bright pillar box) lipstick without breaking the bank I settled for this lipliner with the intention of just smudging it into the lips. And I'm impressed. Also secures and tones down my current brighter reds. Forget it's 90s connotations, it's making a comeback.
Below: No7 Fanomenal Lashes in Black, £12.95
On the recommendation of my bestie, who currently works on a No7 counter, I'm trying this mid-priced mascara. My useless lashes still need curling before application, but it has a nice brush and is perfect for a natural, buildable coverage.

Top: Vanilla Carmex, £3.25
A lifelong lip balm junkie, I've been a convert to the Carmex way of life for a couple of years. It just lasts longer on the lips and, for me at least, actually feels like it's doing something not just sitting there. This one's also SPF. All the flavours are delish, and this tube of vanilla I'm currently using is no exception.
Below: L'Occitane Hand Cream in Subtle Violet, £free sample with Marie Claire November, full size £19
Despite having heard wonderful things about L'Occitane, I always thought them too pricey for a poor student like me. However this sample I got with this months Marie Claire is making me want to throw caution to the wind. It's beautiful, thick, not greasy in the slightest, and smells just like my favourite sweets - Palma Violets! Will seriously consider parting with the cash for a full size tube when this miniature runs out.

Next NAIL in Gold Mine, £3
Not a shop I'd ususally think of for beatuy goodies but I was in Next buying work trousers and spotted this at the till. I told myself I'd buy it if it was two pounds or less. It was three, but I bought it anyway. Sucker for a sparkle! It says 'concrete effect' and although I'm not entirely sure what that means? It's quite hard and textured on the nails. Either way, it seems to last and it's a very pretty colour which will look just as nice when it gets cold and wintry!

Keen to break out of buying my habitual products and try new things. Any recommendations for me? xoxo

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  1. Your nails looks absolutely fab :*